Ensim backup file fixer 2005-06-22

Ensim backup file fixer is a Perl script that can fix an Ensim file.
Ensim backup file fixer
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When the Ensim web site control panel does backups, the files it creates are often corrupt. The reason seems to be that the server side sends a byte of empty data ever minute or so to stop HTTP connections timing out while the backup tarball is created. The result of this is that user's can't extract files from their backup tarballs using tar - tar says the file is corrupt.

To fix these corrupt Ensim backup files, I wrote a simple tool in perl to remove these bytes of leading data. Ensim backup file fixer is a simple command line program.



Set the buffer size. This is the amount of data (in bytes) that will be read into memory before being written to the output file. It's generally a good idea to make n some exponent of 2. The default is 1048576 (2^20), which should be just fine for most people.


Print diagnostic messages while executing (on standard error).


Print a help message - syntax and option details.


By default the program writes to standard output. Using this option the user may specify an output file, f, without using shell re-direction. May be useful for heathen users of *csh who want to read debugging output, but can't re-direct stdout and stderr separatley.


Print the program description and version.

last updated on:
September 26th, 2006, 13:55 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Matthew Gates
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Ensim backup file fixer
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