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Emerde is a port of Gentoo's Portage system for other distributions.




Emerde project is the port of Gentoo's portage system that installs, removes, updates, maintains your system rapidly and easily.

Furthermore on Slackware distribution it cooperates with the Slackware's db and allows to install .tgz files directly, using dependences checking.

tgz support: A tgzfile must be a Slackware pkg. Emerde will resolve the tgz's dependences and will install it.

pfile: Emerde will apply the specified action to all the packages listed in the pfile

invulnerable: Updates all the packages which have suid binaries.

slack-etc-update: Slackware configuration file updates handler.

maketgz: Emerde will build Slackware's tgz packages for all ebuilds processed.

quicksearch: The cp_all function in Emerde is rewritten to use /var/cadb, there's a significant improvement in all the functions that use cp_all (--search, sync, update cache etc...)

skipit: Emerde allows you to skip to the next merge with the SIGINT signal or by pressing CTRL+c.

Compilation resume: Emerde resumes an interrupted or aborted compilation without rebuild the pkg and restart the compilation.

LAN-sync: The syncing of the portage can be done using another machine that had already done it. See ACTION:sync in the emerge(1) man page.

--searchcontents: Emerde matches the search string against the contents field. The pkg's contents field contains a list of files and directories installed.
This option is useful to know to what pkg a file or a directory belong.

--showcontents: This option is the same as the --search one execpt that it shows all the contents file of the searched packages.

--searchinstalled: It filter only installed pkg in the search result.

buildworld: Rebuilds or updates the "world" file (/var/cache/edb/world)

por2pkg: por2pkg converts entries in the portage's db to Slack's db entries.

pkg2por: pkg2por converts entries in the Slack's db to portage's db entries.

pordbcheck: Checks if the programs listed in the portage's db are really installed.

initd-cfg: /etc/init.d editor.

What's New in This Release:

· portage has been updated to 2.1_rc4, and debianutils to 2.15.
· The --maketgz* options have been dropped.
· A bug has been fixed in the --skipit option.
· It is advised to update to this version, because the new Gentoo's portage is not compatible with the old ones.
Last updated on July 22nd, 2006

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