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Easy Install lets you automatically download, build, install, and manage Python packages.




Easy Install software is a Python module named easy_install, bundled with setuptools that lets you automatically download, build, install, and manage Python packages.



Installing "Easy Install"

Download ez_setup.py, and run it; this will download and install the appropriate setuptools egg for your Python version. (You will need at least Python 2.3.5, or if you are on a 64-bit platform, Python 2.4.) An easy_install script will be installed in the normal location for Python scripts on your platform. (Windows users, don't put ez_setup.py inside your Python installation; please put it in some other directory before running it.)

You may receive a message telling you about an obsolete version of setuptools being present; if so, you must be sure to delete it entirely, along with the old pkg_resources module if it's present on sys.path.

The ez_setup.py script accepts the same Command-Line Options and Configuration Files as easy_install itself, so you can use them to control its behavior. In particular, you can use the --script-dir option to direct script installation to a custom location. You should not, however, use custom installation locations without first reading the section below on Custom Installation Locations.

The instructions you've just read assume that:

You are installling to Python's primary site-packages directory
You have unrestricted internet access on the computer where you are installing.

If you are behind an NTLM-based firewall that prevents Python programs from accessing the net directly, you may wish to first install and use the APS proxy server, which lets you get past such firewalls in the same way that your web browser(s) do. This will let ez_setup.py download the setuptools egg.

If you can't use APS, or don't have internet access at all, you will need to first download the appropriate .egg file from the setuptools PyPI page using a computer with internet access. Place the egg in the same directory as ez_setup.py on the target computer before running it.

If you are installing to a custom location or do not have write access to Python's primary site-packages directory, please also see the section below on Custom Installation Locations for more detailed instructions.

What's New in This Release:

EasyInstall no longer aborts the installation process if a URL it wants to retrieve can't be downloaded, unless the URL is an actual package download. Instead, it issues a warning and tries to keep going.
Fixed distutils-style scripts originally built on Windows having their line endings doubled when installed on any platform.
Added --local-snapshots-ok flag, to allow building eggs from projects installed using setup.py develop.
Fixed not HTML-decoding URLs scraped from web pages
Last updated on June 20th, 2007

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