Dvorak Rapid Control 0.57

The keyboard layout for programmers and Linux/UNIX users
Dvorak Rapid Control is a keyboard layout designed specifically for programmers. The layout was heavily tested on C++, Python and Java code.

Dvorak Rapid Control's primary goal of the layout design is to minimize unnecessary moves of hand around keyboard.

Main features:

  • most important special keys are directly accesible after pressing AltGr (Escape, Home, End, Insert, Delete, PageUp, PageDown)
  • symbols frequently used in programming are now conveniently placed
  • makes heavy use of AltGr which has been remapped to Caps-Lock position
  • control keys, backspace remapped for easier acces
  • some keys reserved for national characters
  • under selected setups right Alt acts as AltGr+Shift
  • right shift is now placed very conveniently
  • alfanumerics have been left intact for compatibility
  • "H T N S" (qwerty's "J K L ;"key operate as arrows when AltGr pressed (Vim-like)

last updated on:
March 24th, 2009, 10:59 GMT
developed by:
Arthur Skonecki
license type:
BSD License 
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