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Debian Package Search is a GUI for searching packages and showing package information.





Debian Package Search is a GUI for searching packages and showing package information.

Debian Package Search is aimed to help you search for the packages you need. It should make the task of searching a pleasant experience.

Additionally it offers a convenient way to display the information available for a package. Originally I designed it to find a single package where you have a clear imagination of what you want, and it is really good for this.

But it can also be used to simply browse the packages available. Perhaps there is something in the database you simply must have.

Debian Package Search provides a single interface for different types of search including a full text search (apt-cache search) and searching by categories (debtags search).

Debtags is a new approach for categorizing the Debian packages developed by Enrico Zini. Once you have found an interesting package you can install from within the user interface.


install/remove multiple files
look into sticky search
allow purging for remove
allow searching "whole words only"
create a .desktop file
switch to libapt-front
fix showing "normal" files again (like README)

What's New in This Release:

nice window title for running "apt-get update" added
updating apt database is now calling "debtags --local update" afterwards
allow selecting between aptitude and apt for installation
add "Preferences" section to menu "Packagesearch"
each menu has a character to select it
renamed "File" menu to "Packagesearch"
reduced height of entries in the package list
prevent crashes when underlying libept changes
Last updated on July 10th, 2012
Debian Package SearchDebian Package Search

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