DataWorkshop 1.1.1

DataWorkshop is an editor to view and modify binary data.

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3.0/5 11
Guilhem Bonnefille and Martin Pape
ROOT \ Utilities
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DataWorkshop is an editor to view and modify binary data. The editor provides different views which can be used to edit, analyze and export the binary data.

A simple hex view can be used to simulate a standard hexeditor but more complex dynamic views are possible to comfortable edit binary structure like executables or captured network traffic.

DataWorkshop editor provides powerful search and diff functionality and user defined transformations to modify the binary data.

Views can be filtered using the XPath query language (e.g. selecting several IP packets in a network traffic capture file).

Views can be exported as in various formats for further processing. This can be used to convert old binary formats into modern xml tagged data.

Here are some key features of "DataWorkshop":

Mulitplatform (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
User defined view definitions which are compiled into complex data views
Data view can can be exported as xml
Data view can be queried using XPath syntax to generate a new data view (e.g. selecting several IP packages according to their flags)
Configurable data encodings used to edit and view data (e.g Hex, Decimal, IEEE 754 Reals, USAscii, EBCDIC, TimeInMillis etc.)
Configurable data transformation (e.g. Rot13 Encoder / Decoder)
Diff tool with bit granularity
Find and replace with bit granularity
Data clipboard for cut, copy and paste
XML based storage for persistent data
Data conversion between different formats (e.g little endian big endian, hexdump binary data)
Read and write from sockets


Java 1.4
1.0 Ghz Processor with 256MB Ram


too slow when editing large files (> 100MB) or using complex views
Maximal data size 2 147 483 647 bytes (~ 2 GB)

What's New in This Release:

Open Source release

Last updated on November 12th, 2007

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