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DVD2DiVX3Pass is yet another DVD 2 DiVX rip program for Linux.




DVD2DiVX3Pass is yet another DVD 2 DiVX rip program for Linux. DVD2DiVX3Pass project aims to be a simple, yet flexible encoder with support for 3-pass DiVX encoding.

You can:

- save and load projects
- save and load your favorite settings
- choose between mplayer and transcode for scanning your DVD
- rip subtitles to a separate file (vobsub format)
- rip subtitles encoded on the DiVX
- encode AC3 sound

It has:

- an automatic video bitrate calculator
- a bits per pixel calculator
- command line options for automatic scanning and title selection


mencoder compiled with lame and DVD support.

Optionally, you can use transcode for the scanning of the DVD.

Tip & Trics and Need-To-Knows:

- I could not help but notice that mplayer doesn't report the right DVD title lengths, so you could see a "neg. time" in your timer sometimes while encoding. That's not all, your videobitrate is completely wrong !

You can solve this by looking up the length of the movie (e.g. on the DVD cover or a search on google) and using that time in the "A/V Settings"-tab.

I strongly suggest you install tcprobe from the package transcode, so you will not have to fuss about with that.

- Subtitles can bz ripped in a separate file (vobsub format only)

- For surround sound use Encode Audio "copy" in the "A/V Settings"-tab

- Do you have a DVD (vob)copied to hard disk? Use it's full path instead of the DVD device

- Your settings are located in $HOME/.dvd2divx3pass, and are loaded at startup

What's New in This Release:

changed mencoder option -dvd to dvd://
Last updated on September 23rd, 2005

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