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What's new in CreBS

  • Create Background Slideshow 0.9.7 speeds up getting to work on creating your new wallpaper slideshow by allowing the default duration and transition time to be specified in GConf. These along with eight other settings, including the directory first opened by the 'Add Images' dialog, can now altered to your own preferences. The maximum transition time has been increased as well, from one hour to a whole day, adding the new possibility of slow-fade all-day wallpapers to the many already available.
  • New translators helping out with the project have also enabled Create Background Slideshow to be used more easily on Czech and Spanish desktops. If you'd like to help the translation effort, please visit and add what you can. (A Launchpad account is required but signing up is simple: click "Log In / Register" in the page's top-right corner to begin.)
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GPL v3 
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Marc Stewart
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CreBS (Create Background Slideshow) is a Python/GTK application used to create and set desktop background slideshows for GNOME, and by extension the Linux distributions that use it, such as Fedora and Ubuntu. The image set defined is stored along with your ordinary wallpapers so it can be reselected in the future from the standard Appearance Preferences window.


If you have a Debian-related distribution, you can install Create Background Slideshow from the CreBS PPA:

For example, in an Ubuntu terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:crebs/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install crebs

How to use:

Start by adding images to the slideshow; multiple images may be selected for addition within any particular directory. Then rearrange them into your chosen order using the Earlier and Later buttons or by dragging the image into place. If you change your mind about including an image, use the Remove button.

Got a favourite picture you want to see for longer than the rest? Override the default duration with any time you like, specifiable in seconds, minutes, or hours.

Finally, give the slideshow a name and press Save to set the image sequence as your new desktop background. The set is added in with your other wallpapers, so you can use the standard Appearance Preferences window to change and restore the wallpaper in the future.

CreBS, unsurprisingly, is licensed under the GPL.

Last updated on June 30th, 2010


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