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CCOUNT is a free software package for market research / marketing research data cleaning.




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CCOUNT is a free software package for market research and marketing research data cleaning, manipulation, data weighting, cross tabulation and data analysis.

Similar to, and uses the same syntax and data format as SPSS-MR "Quantum"*, a well known commercial package for processing market research survey data.

CCOUNT is a non-GUI, console based application and is distributed under the terms of our Freeware License. CCOUNT is an ongoing project and not a finished product in any sense. We may upgrade it from time to time and post new releases.

Here are some key features of "CCOUNT":

Processing ASCII or multipunch/multicoded data files with fixed or variable record length of up to 99,999 bytes
Processing flat ASCII files, card type files and trailer card files
Handles singlecodes, multicodes, character strings, numerical real or integer values
Checks validity of answers and logic
Corrects, edits and recodes records by users instructions
Supports interactive record by record correction of data files or corrections by a 'corrfile'
Reports of selected records and/or fields
Reports of records in error
Creates holecounts and numeric/alphanumeric distributions
Creates standard marketing research cross tables
Data weighting with rim weighting (IPF, Iterative Proportional Fitting), target (cell) and factor weighting methods
Accepts weighting target values as absolutes or proportions (percents) and supports household level transformation
Writes new data files with or without weights assigned
Writes out data files with just ID's and weights for further processing with SPSS or other MR packages
Counts weighted cross tables, weighted holecounts and weighted frequency distributions
User definable table output with any combination of absolute figures, column, row and total percentages
User definable filters for ranges of tables, single tables, axis and axis elements
Control of position of titles, question text and numbers
Access to lookup files (fetch files)
Tabulates and processes hierarchical data files
Nets, subnets
Calculates means, standard deviations, standard errors, subtotals, etc.
Tables under full control of user
Exports semicolon delimited tables for EXCEL import
Exports html tables for web presentation
Supports subroutines and inline C code in data edit section
Allows programming of data entry executables with Quantum* like syntax
Contains a tool (ccrw) to convert CCOUNT/Quantum*, IBM 360 Column Binary, EBCDIC and ASCII data
and more...

What's New in This Release:

text and column substitutions in edit include files are now resolved in out2 and sum_.
a problem with text and column substitutions in do-loops within include files fixed.
the run command in ccbatch is now able to process the ccout table output standard options.
a minor problem with removing ccroute.dup (for ccbatch) fixed (DOS only).
indent= command (indent folded axis element texts) added.
the weighting program "ccweight" is now linked static for compatibility issues (Linux only).
a signed/unsigned variable mismatch in ccaccum fixed.
#def / *def command (assigning global values to symbolic parameters) added.
a bug when using variables with consecutive n00 or flt statements fixed
Last updated on January 6th, 2006

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