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Collect and analyse data from passive Internet traffic monitor




CoralReef project is a comprehensive software suite developed by CAIDA to collect and analyze data from passive Internet traffic monitors, in real time or from trace files.

Realtime monitoring support includes system network interfaces (via libpcap), FreeBSD drivers for Apptel POINT (OC12 and OC3 ATM) and FORE ATM (OC3 ATM) cards, and support for Linux and FreeBSD drivers for Endace DAG (OC3 and OC12, POS and ATM) cards.

The package also includes programming APIs for C and perl, and applications for capture, analysis, and web report generation. This package is maintained by CAIDA developers with the support and collaboration of the Internet measurement community.

CoralReef is the evolutionary successor of the Coral package and supersedes it.

Goals and Development Philosophy

CoralReef is a project of the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA). It evolved from a project that monitored the OC3mon and OC12mon activity of MCI. This work was based on measurement and analysis tools assessing active flows for Ethernet and FDDI, and was developed at SDSC under the NLANR (now NLANR MOAT) project. The earlier version of software that has been used for NLANR/MOAT activities is at

The current version of CoralReef under the CAIDA project supports ATM and POS devices at OC3 and OC12 bandwidths on Intel-based workstations running FreeBSD or Linux, and standard network interfaces on most Unix-like systems via libpcap. Plans include development of an OC48mon monitor (development is continuing jointly with the University of Waikato and others under CAIDA's NGI project), and eventually an OC192mon monitor as well. The CoralReef suite also includes software for analysis of traces collected by these type of monitors.

CoralReef provides a set of drivers, libraries, utilities and analysis software for passive network measurement. The package includes many ready made solutions, but is still evolving. We expect to refine and greatly enhance CoralReef's functionality and ease of use in the near future. The CoralReef software is known to work under FreeBSD (2.7, 2.8, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.4), Linux (2.0.36, 2.2) and Solaris (2.5, 2.6), and is expected to work under most other Unix-like systems.

The Apptel POINT and FORE ATM card drivers work only under FreeBSD; the DAG card is supported only under Linux. This release includes utilities that are under development. Feedback, requests and improvements would be greatly appreciated and can be sent to

The libcoral Library and API

Released in March 1999, CoralReef 3.0 marked a significant breakthrough in the evolution of the CoralReef suite. With version 3.0, the libcoral set of core monitoring libraries has become available. The libcoral library is the foundation upon which the entire CoralReef suite rests. CoralReef 3.0 does not, nor was it ever intended to represent a "plug and play" solution. However, this release made the libcoral library and its associated API available to developers, making it easier for them to develop traffic analysis software. Other components of CoralReef continue to undergo development and refinement.

It is hoped that the release of the libcoral library will encourage the research and professional community to use CoralReef to develop their own Internet traffic analysis tools. In keeping with this spirit, the CAIDA development team plans to use a more rapid, incremental development cycle. Your comments and constructive feedback on this effort would be greatly appreciated.
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