Blue Husky's Timer 1.2.3

A simple timer application in Java
Blue Husky's Timer
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Blue Husky's Timer is an application made by Blue Husky Programming designed for the purpose of timing things with count-up, count-down, and alarm sections while making sure you can do whatever you need to do to use it easiest.

Main features:

  • MiniTimer:
  • The MiniTimer appears, by default, in the bottom-right corner of your primary display when the main window is closed. It simply contains 4 buttons and a display. The buttons, from left to right, go back to the original window, start/restart the timer, pause/unpause the timer, and stop the timer. The last three functions are also available in the main panel.
  • Since version 1.1.2, there are two MiniTimers. The new one shows either the current time and the target alarm time or the time until the target alarm time and the target alarm time.
  • Settings:
  • This is the first Blue Husky program to feature a settings pane. In this, there are two tabs, one for general settings, and one for the MiniTimer. The MiniTimer pane lets you set whether the MiniTimer appears when you close the window, and where the MiniTimer is positioned. Since version 1.1.2, there are also options as to what to display in the MiniAlarm. Since version 1.2.1, there is enhanced multi-moniter support.
  • The General pane allows you to disable mouse wheel control, enable presets (also possible from the Actions menu), disable the alert box, and disable flashing in said alert box. Since version 1.1.2, there is a Username and Password field in this pane, too. Input the correct username and password for the Easter Egg. Below these is your only clue.
  • Help:
  • This is the first Blue Husky program to incorporate an in-program help section. Here, you can find comprehensive help in three sections: General, the MiniTimer, and Contact. General is subdivided into help about Quitting, Alert, and Presets. The first two panes have ways for you to solve your problems right there in the Help pane. The MiniTimer help tab has help on disabling it and what the buttons do. The Contact tab tells you who built the program (Falah'norei and I) and how you can contact us. Below are two buttons that allow you to copy the web address and email address where you may contact them.
  • Presets:
  • These allow you to easily save and apply the state in which the timer is. Since version 1.2.0, it's also incorporated presets for the Alarm Clock, as well as prev./next buttons, which allow the chosing of the next/last preset in the list.
  • Version 1.2.1 fixed all problems with the Presets, removed the prev/next buttons, implemented a new way of interacting with presets, added an Apply.png Apply button, and added ability to assign presets to the Alarm Clock.
  • Sound:
  • Since 1.1.3, the BHTimer has included the ability to play a sound every time the alarm goes off or a timer reaches its limit. For all versions, you need a plugin, simply applied by placing the file in the same folder as the program.
  • Custom Reminders:
  • These allow you to set the popup that comes up when the timers or alarm clock go off to say what you want it to. It lets you give each one its own reminder or make them all the same!

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December 28th, 2011, 12:27 GMT
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ROOT \ Utilities
Blue Husky's Timer
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4 Screenshots
Blue Husky's TimerBlue Husky's TimerBlue Husky's Timer
What's New in This Release:
  • Bugfixes, including making sure windows close after being used and the timer limits stay above zero
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