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Bid Monkey project is an engine for automated bidding on eBay auctions.




Bid Monkey project is an engine for automated bidding on eBay auctions.

Bid Monkey is a command line and GUI tool that automatically bids on eBay auctions at the last possible moment ("sniping").

It will run in the foreground or background, and only requires basic information from the user, such as username, password, item number, and the maximum bid to place.

Among its more unique features, Bid Monkey abstracts the URL scheme and regular expressions into a separate "patterns" database, allowing for easy Web-based updates.

to a command line utility written in Perl, the latest version of which is archived here: Bid Monkey v1.3.3. The current release, v2, is a complete rewrite in Python featuring both a command line and GUI interface working cross platform (Windows/*nix).

This release was written in an object oriented manner and the base classes can be utilized in other applications. Pattern matching expressions have been abstracted into a separate web-updatable flat file allowing for adaptation to changes in eBay without requiring a re-release.


Python 2.3
PyGTK 2.0
Gnome 2.0

What's New in This Release:

the custom error handling class 'mx' was causing a namespace conflict with the popular eGenix mx libraries and therefore generated errors for some users.
the class has been renamed to monkeyx.
Last updated on February 20th, 2007
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