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BF-Commander is a file manager for Linux written in Kylix 3 Open Edition.




BF-Commander is a file manager for Linux written in Kylix 3 Open Edition.


Instalation rests in unpacking of bfc-*-all.tar.gz to the directory /usr/local. That is all. The program is initialized by the script bfc in directory /usr/local/bfcommander. It is possible to make a link for it.

For example to /usr/local/bin. If the directory of the program is placed somewhere else than in /usr/local you must adjust this script in the second line: cd /path/to/bfcommander. After activation you will find the hidden directory ~/.bfcommander in the HOME directory.

In this directory is saved configuration file bfcommander.ini and several other files with various setting. I don't recommend to edit them manualy, because it can cause fail of application.


Konfiguration is made in the graphic mode in the main menu of the program. Follows the list of options which are not mentioned in the main configuration dialog, but which can be set manually in the file ~/.bfcommander/bfcommander.ini.

Section : [INTERFACE]
Item : CommandLineMaxLines=NumItems
Function: The maximum number of history items of the command line. Default = 100.

Section : [INTERFACE]
Item : ShowDiskPopup=0 or 1
Function: When right mouse button is clicked while there is set 0 in the item no menu for mount and unmount of the disk is diplayed. Mounting of the device is made by left mouse button. Unmounting of the device is made by right mouse button. Ejection of the device is made by the middle mouse button. Default = 1.

Section : [INTERFACE]
Item : ShowNamesOnOpBackgroung=0 or 1
Function: While there is set 0 in the item no name of files of operations running on the background are displayed. Operation is much sped up with it. Default = 1.

Section : [INTERFACE]
Item : CreateTrashDateDirs=0 or 1
Function: While there is set 1 in the item during deleting to the trash the whole content is being moved to the directory named by actual date and time. Default = 1.

Section : [INTERFACE]
Item : ShowCloseDialog=0 or 1
Function: While there is set 0 in the item no result dialog is displayed before turnig off

Section : [INTERFACE]
Item : ExecPriority=0 or 1
Function: Setting of the priority for the executable files. While there is set 0 in the file the opening of the file in the associated application is priority, while there is set 1 in the file the executing of the file is priority

All the icons in the program are loaded from external files and that is why they are exchangeable.

Icons for associated files and for DiskBar are chosen direct in the program, the other icons (default ones and on the ButtonBar) can be exchanged as follows: Implicit icons in panels (directory, fifo, CharDev etc.) are stored in the directory fcommander/icons/default.

It is possible to exchange it for other 16x16 while the name of the file remains the same, or there exists better way: create directory ~/bfcommander/icons/default and inside of it copy your own icon of the same name.

The same procedure is used for the icons on the ButtonBar and directory for these icons is ~/bfcommander/icons/actions.

Requirements:, included in binary package.

What's New in This Release:

to the configuration dialog added "Apply" button
adjusted fonts setting
added visual display of help texts of incompletely displayed file names in panels
to the language file added item 431
Last updated on September 22nd, 2005

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