All in One 0.5.0

All in One is a dock applet for Fluxbox and similar Window Managers.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Mario Pascucci
ROOT \ Utilities
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All in One
All in One is a dock applet for Fluxbox and similar Window Managers.

It shows:

memory usage: main, buffers, shared and cache
swap usage
power source, battery status and charge level
cpu load: user, system and nice
PPP interfaces status, activity and load
Ethernet interfaces status, activity and load
Up to three filesystem "load" (i.e. percent used)
Seti@home progress bar

It allows user to configure monitors, colors and appearance through .conf ASCII
file placed in your home directory.

Allin1 is made to be very light and fast, for PCs with few resources. If you want more "cool looking" applets, please see in the repository.

A very cool applet is gkrellm version 2, plenty of graphics and functions, plugin support and more. But nothing is for free, gkrellm2 uses from 4 to 5 Megs of RAM on execution, Allin1 uses less than 900k of RAM.

To see what amount of RAM uses your favourite applet, launch "top" and see under
the column "RSS" (Resident size).

What's New in This Release:

man pages: updated for new features
allin1.c, cpu.h: added feature to define vertical size of CPU graph

Last updated on September 23rd, 2005

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