Adv770 1.89

An X-windows Linux (Intel 32) build of my 770 points version of Adventure

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What's new in Adv770 1.89:

  • Default display mode is now through an automatically invoked local browser.
  • The game now has persistent state, so that any forcibly interrupted games resume at the point of interruption.
  • The game's home directory is ~/acode/adv770, which is created automatically.
  • See the README file supplied as a part of the package for more details.
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
1.6/5 17
Mike Arnautov
ROOT \ Utilities
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Adv770 package contains an X-windows Linux (Intel 32) build of my 770 points version of Adventure. The game, generally known as Adv770, and the associated
files may be freely distributed and archived.

Note that the XGlk library does not do anything fancy font-wise. No anti-aliasing, no sub-pixel hinting. And it defaults to a font which may or may not be present on your machine. If the font cannot be found, or looks really ugly, you can try specifying another font, by setting the variable GLKFONT to a font family of your choice, e.g. "GLKFONT=helvetica ./adv770x" will set the font family to helvetica. It may still look ugly, due to absence of anti-aliasing etc. If that bothers you (as it would bother me), just grab a source package from wherever you've got this pre-built version, and build
yourself a non-Glk version. All you need for that is gcc.

If you do find any bugs, however small, please consult the Adv770 bug list and if appropriate, report
the bug to me on mla(AT)

Game versions with the same major version number (version 1.x at present) are upward compatible in that they can restore games saved by an earlier version, unless the bugs list states otherwise. This means that it is quite safe to upgrade to later bug-fixed versions. Should an unavoidable incompatibility arise at some future time, it will be signalled by the game major version changing from 1 to 2.

Last updated on May 18th, 2010

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