ATI Overclocking Utility X32

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Overclocking utility for ATI video cards





ATI Overclocking Utility is an overclocking utility for ATI video cards. This is the 32-bit executable.

- Catalyst 9.3+ is required (for
- At the moment with Catalyst 9.4 the OverDrive API seems to be implemented, at least on linux, only for series 4xxx cards. If someone has success with previous generation card please post your info.
- The gui should be pretty self explanatory, but for the fan if left uncheck it keeps the "automatic" setting, otherwise it goes to manual mode set at the defined percentage
- Use wisely, e.g. you probably shouldn't turn off the fan and overclock everything to the maximum
- Since I modified the ADL SDK, and the license doesn't allow me to distribute the source, and I didn't want to figure out if I could publish under the GPL system library exception I am just posting executable at this time.
- Thanks to storma for the icon and phoronix forum members for testing the app.
Last updated on November 11th, 2009

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ATI Overclocking Utility X32ATI Overclocking Utility X32

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