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rtf2latex2e is a program that translates RTF (rich text format) files into LaTeX files.




rtf2latex2e is a program that translates RTF (rich text format) files into LaTeX files. It translates text formatting, tables, figures, and equations. The resulting LaTeX files are quite readable and suitable for editing.

Developer comments

If you expect a WYSIWYG reproduction of your RTF file, you may be disappointed. My main concerns have been translating the essential features of the RTF file such as characters, figures, tables, and equations (as pictures). I have largely ignored visual formatting such as ruler positions, tabs (until I figure out a good way of doing this), paragraph indentations, and other fluff. I have always expected the output LaTeX file to require manual editing to put the finishing touches. I just want to make that task a little easier. In my opinion, expecting a WYSIWYG reproduction is not practical and misses the point entirely.

Typeset the rtf2LaTeX2eDoc.tex for more information, or print out the rtf2LaTeX2eDoc.pdf file. They are in the documentation directory.




Unix users need to build the binary using make. Super-user mode may be
necessary for install.To start building rtf2latex2e, change to the Unix directory directory, type:

make install (optional, as root)

The default install directory is /usr/local/rtf2latex2e. The binary is called rtf2latex2e.bin. A symbolic link /usr/bin/rtf2latex2e pointing to the binary is created. You can change the directory into which rtf2latex2e is installed by editing the variable INSTALL_DIR at the top of the Makefile. You may need to become super-user to install into that directory. If you do not have super-user privileges, you can change the INSTALL_DIR to somewhere in your home directory, say $(HOME)/rtf2latex2e.

What's New in This Release:

Updated both config.sub and config.guess with the latest versions from gnu.gcc.org.
Added a #ifdef to one of the cole files to not use malloc.h under Mac OS X.
Last updated on June 24th, 2008

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