The WollMux 11.5

An extension with enhanced template, form, and autotext functionality.
The WollMux is an extension with enhanced template, form, and autotext functionality. It is developed by the Municipality of the City of Munich, Bavaria.

Main features:

  • Cross-platform operation (Linux and Windows)
  • A toolbar for accessing document templates, PDF files, web pages,...
  • On the fly template generation from separate files (e.g. letterhead, footer, form)
  • Pre-filling templates with personal and organizational data from a variety of databases (e.g. LDAP)
  • Advanced form support with auto-computed fields and input validity checking
  • Hiding and showing parts of the document based on form input
  • Advanced autotext support with identifier pattern matching and a shortcut syntax for filling in placeholders
  • Chainable printing plugins to provide custom dialogs and transformations when printing
  • Automatic printing of document variants according to Sachleitende Verf�gungen.
  • Enhanced serial letter functionality that ties in with the form functionality (e.g. auto-computed fields) and the custom print plugins.
  • The four main components are:
  • Letter head system: gets the selectable user dates (correct name, telephone number, email, room, etc.) from a configurable source (text files over http or file service, ldap), fills them in unitized templates (also from different sources) and helps to keep the corporate identity
  • Form system: supports the staff when providing documents based on forms which require certain inputs, simplifies the template selection, automatic printing of different copies, automatic calculation of values from the inputs and inserting in appropriate places
  • Text module system: supports the specialists when providing documents from different text modules
  • Assistance for paper based workflows: automatic providing and printing of different document versions, described by the internal marks

last updated on:
June 29th, 2011, 6:24 GMT
developed by:
Matthias S. Benkmann
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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The WollMux
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What's New in version 10.8
  • This version fixes several problems with 3.2.
  • New features include a search box for the WollMux toolbar and the possibility to configure the display of sender data.
  • It also contains lots of other bugfixes and minor usability enhancements.
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