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Hebrew Editor package allows Hebrew-speaking users to create and edit Hebrew/English LaTeX documents.




Hebrew Editor is a tool that allows Hebrew-speaking users to create and edit Hebrew/English LaTeX documents. This package provides a text (terminal) based word processor which is extremely LaTeX-oriented.

The editor also provides on-the-fly spell checking, multiple file editing, unlimited undo capability and much more. It has been in beta for a number of years, and is used by graduate students in the Technion Israel Institute of Technology for writing their Master's theses, composing tests and home assignments.

What's New in This Release:

A bug with Hebrew Editor aborting when saving files to read-only directories was fixed.
Added a .he2rc file at ${prefix}/share/he2, which you can copy to your home directory and edit, or edit the file for system-wide effect. The file contains key-bindings definitions for he2 functions, so if you don't like my key bindings, you can set up your own. The format of the file is very simple and can be deduced from just looking at it. One thing though: When you want to put an excape sequence or control character you have to do it by inserting the character itself, so in vi (or vim) use Ctrl-V before inserting the character, and in emacs use Ctrl-Q for this purpose. he2 as of yet does not support inserting control characters and I don't think it ever would. Note: You can also create a customized version of the .he2rc file in the local directory from which you invoked he2, and it will have precedense over the file in your home directory and over the file in ${prefix}/share/he2
he2 will now not get stuck when pressing ^T on a misspelled LaTeX command.
Fixed a bug where he2 aborted when trying to save a read-only file, or a new file into a read-only directory.
Last updated on February 7th, 2008

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