tselectbuffer 0.4

tselectbuffer is a quick buffer selector/switcher for Vim.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.3/5 16
Thomas Link
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ Others
tselectbuffer is a quick buffer selector/switcher for Vim. This plugin provides a simple buffer selector. It doesn't have all the features other buffer selectors have but can be useful for quickly switching to a different buffer or for deleting buffers.

The idea is to view the buffer list, to do something, and to close the buffer list. If you really want to permanently watch the buffer list to see whether it's changed, you might want to use a different plugin.

:[N]TSelectBuffer[!] - List buffers. With a count or a !, show also hidden buffers.


< cr > ... Select (close the buffer list)
< c-s > ... Open in split window
< c-v > ... Open in vertically split window
< c-t > ... Open in new tab
< c-w > ... Show in original window (continue with the buffer list)
< c-d > ... Delete a buffer
< c-u > ... Rename a buffer
< ... Jump to opened buffer in window/tab

Suggested keymaps (put something like this into ~/.vimrc):

noremap < m-b > :TSelectBuffer < cr >
inoremap < m-b > < c-o > :TSelectBuffer < cr >

Here are some key features of "tselectbuffer":

list buffers, dynamically filter buffers matching a pattern
switch to a buffer
rename a buffer (you may need to use :saveas! or :w! when writing the renamed buffer to disk)
delete one or more buffer(s)



What's New in This Release:

< c-w > ... View file in original window
< ... Jump to already opened window, preferably on the current tab
page (if any)
Enabled to open buffer in tab
Require tlib 0.13
Initially select the alternate buffer
Make a count act as bang.
Can be "suspended" (i.e. you can switch back to the orignal window)

Last updated on May 5th, 2008

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