screenplay 0.8

screenplay is a filetype plugin for Vim to enable easy screenplay writing.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Alex Lance
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screenplay is a filetype plugin for Vim to enable easy screenplay writing.

The definition of a well formatted screenplay (as I understand it) goes
something like:

< 15 spaces > SCENE/ACTION/DESCRIPTIONS (max 54 chars before wrapping)
< 37 spaces > CHARACTER NAME
< 25 spaces > DIALOG (max 35 chars before wrapping)

It might look like:


Rain pouring down. Newspaper KID on street. A man stops
to listen.

Extra! Extra! Child labour used to
sell newspapers!

All text is just a tab away from being indented correctly.
The tab button and the backspace button have been modified to go backwards and forwards in helpful chunks.

Action == 16 spaces == 1 tab
Dialog == 26 spaces == 2 tabs
Speaker == 38 spaces == 3 tabs

The textwidth (tw) variable switches from 68 to 60, when moving from ACTION to DIALOG. This ensures good margins.

Control-p will re-format a paragraph from under the cursor downwards, relative to the (textwidth) margin.

When you tab three times to type in a character name for DIALOG, and you type the first letter of the characters name and then tab again, then you will be presented with a choice to autocomplete that characters name. (provided you've typed that characters name above a DIALOG at least once before).

Hitting enter after DIALOG should align for a new character name

Hitting enter twice after DIALOG should align for new ACTION block


Drop this screenplay.vim file in your ${VIMRUNTIME}/ftplugin/ directory

ensure your instance of vim has these options enabled:
:filetype on
:filetype plugin on
:au BufRead,BufNewFile *.screenplay set filetype=screenplay

Ensure the suffix of the file you are editing is .screenplay and away you go!

Last updated on May 7th, 2008

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