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Lazyread is a tool that auto-scrolls files or command output to the screen.




Lazyread is a tool that auto-scrolls files or command output to the screen. It features different scroll modes, configurable scroll speed and colors, the ability to pause, the ability to search, and more. It can render text, HTML, PDF, gzip, tar, zip, ar, bzip2, MS-Word, nroff (man pages), binary executables, directories, .deb, .so, .rpm, piped output from other programs, and more.

Lazyread is an auto-scroller, pager, and e-book reader all in one.


The following Command line options are available:

-f File to scroll
-s Scroll file at milliseconds. Default: 1000 (1 sec)
-p Start text on row (1 to LINES-2).
-w Highlight all lines that appears on.
-l Display in all lower case characters.
-u Display in all upper case characters.
-c red, bgred, green, bggreen, blue, bgblue, yellow, bgyellow, magenta, bgmagenta, bgwhite, bgblack.
-n Don't takeout extra blank lines. (Display file "as is")
-a Automatically pause on highlight word from -w.
-v Display program version number.
-h Show usage message.
-x Don't show status bar.
-m Scroll a character at a time mode.
-t Name of tty you're running lazyread from while piped.
-b Allow beeping on important events.

While lazyread is running you can use the option keys:

'q' to quit
'p' to pause
'spacebar' to scroll superfast (hit again to turn off)
'c' to clear the current screen
'n' to turn off the status bar
'v' to turn the status bar back on
'f' to speed scrolling up in 25 percent increments
's' to slow scrolling speed down in 25 percent increments
'o' to go back to original speed
'a' to toggle Auto-Pausing on/off
'e' open file for editing in an external editor. Uses $VISUAL then $EDITOR then /bin/vi
'i' to view detailed file/program/etc information

What's New in This Release:

Added support for more file types.
Now has Full control over piped output.
Improved command line processing.
Long name truncation.
Internal word-wrapping.
More information displayed.
More color modes added.
Last updated on January 1st, 2008

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