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gnotepad+ is an easy-to-use, yet fairly feature-rich, simple HTML and text editor for Unix based systems.




gnotepad+ is an easy-to-use, yet fairly feature-rich, simple HTML and text editor for Unix based systems running X11 and using GTK (the Gimp ToolKit) and/or GNOME. gnotepad+ was designed to have as little bloat as possible, while still providing many of the common features found in a modern GUI-based text editor. It is still fairly light-weight, especially for the features it offers, and aims to remain that way.

The "+" in gnotepad+ is there to differentiate it from other GTK-based text editors which may call themselves "gnotepad". Additionally, gnotepad+ is not intended to be fancy, so it leverages its text editing capabilities on the GTK Text Widget. Hence, if you are looking for a programmers's editor, look for another text editor or help improve the GTK Text Widget. this project is free software developed and distributed under the (GNU) General Public License.

Here are some key features of "gnotepadplus":

· Multiple windows, multiple documents
· Complete preferences system (no need to edit any config files)
· HTML tag insertions and editing dialogs
· Unlimited undo and redo
· Recent document menu
· Popup Document list
· Popup Window list
· Popup Messages box
· Document autosave
· Save window size and position
· Drag-and-Drop files between gnotepad+ and other applications
· File locking using fcntl() or flock()
· Other configurable options: toolbars, document tabs, etc.
· Lots of other miscellaneous goodies
· Fairly clean code that's actually commented/documented!


· gtk-xmhtml

What's New in This Release:

· This is a small maintenance release and fixes three bugs: the message bar was always shown, even if the preferences setting was not; if the locale is set to Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, menus would be shown in the locale's language, but the actual text itself did not; and changes to some preferences would never be saved.
Last updated on November 15th, 2007

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