brainstamp 0.5.7

brainstamp is a software that aims to create the alternative style of reading and consuming textual information.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.0/5 8
Igor Sherbakov
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ Others
but simple naive scrolling a text on the screen. It also helps to learn the "diagonal" reading of papers and e-books. The suggested way is much faster and efficient. But you must be ready that when you will try it for the first few times, it will be rather difficult and tiresome.

The program displays words of the text one by one in the same place with small (set by user, anyway small) timeout.

The way people use diagonal reading is very simple - they do not "speak" the words in their brain. Thus the program's timer can be set to such time interval, that a man using the program can not do this as well. You are being forced to read fast!

The method have been tested with different kinds of texts. Reading with brainstamp is at least three times as fast as standart reading (own experience, and I am not a slow reader). It is very helpfull to read some boring philosophy or other long and texts which you do not enjoy, but have to learn. The pleasure from reading books is still preserved.

The real disadvantage of the method is that the information you read is too well memorized even if not needed. This actually is the reason to name the program the way it is named.

Program supports languages which have misfortune to be not English. For the moment it is tested only with Russian. I would really appreciate any comments from the Japanese, Chinese of Korean users. I think, they should gain much more then the rest! (It is really difficult to read anything this way not in your mother language!

Now the project is powered with advantages of searching documents on the web.

It feels useful to browse news sites or large web conferences with it.



What's New in This Release:

New capabilities of text browser:
For reading technical texts 2 buttons added to upper raw which enable user to scroll text clicking for each next (precious) word
Long ASCII files are parsed before displaying now and Brainstamp makes "chapter list" as list of virtual bookmarks. Helps a lot to read books.

Some internal bugs fixed

Last updated on January 24th, 2008

#textual information #browse news #web conferences #reading #consuming #textual #information

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