WordFlashReader 1.0 RC2

WordFlashReader project its a Rapid Serial Visual Presentation application.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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WordFlashReader team
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WordFlashReader project its a Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) program that makes on-screen reading easy. Its free, open-source, and works on both Windows and Linux.

This program works best with text files and html files, but can open pdf files as well. WordFlashReader works by flashing each word of the text or book sequentially on the screen (pausing for punctuation).

Not only is this way of reading off of a computer screen less straining on the eyes than the normal method, but also after a little practice you may discover that you can read at multiple times the speed you normally do.

Here are some key features of "WordFlashReader":

Includes both a normal display mode and a full-screen mode.
You can adjust font size, type, and color.
You can adjust the display size (in normal mode) as well as its background color (for either normal or full-screen mode).
You can display only one word at a time, or multiple words at a time (chunk mode).
This is an open-source application. I encourage you to modify the source code and submit bug fixes, patches, and feature enhancements.
This is a cross-platform application developed to work on both Windows and Linux.
Its totally free. You will never be charged for this software.


After opening a file, it should appear in the scroll window. To start, either either hit the spacebar or press the "Start" button on the program. The words will start flashing at you. Use the up arrow to speed up the flashing and the down arrow to slow it down. To pause either hit the Spacebar again or press the "Pause" button. This will cause the scroll view window to scroll to the place where you have paused, highlighting the line and word (or nearabouts).

If you have finished reading and want to save your spot, click the "Save" button, and the next time you open the program your document will appear in the history list found in the "File" menu. It should open it where you left off.
If you want to start at a particular place (rather than the beginning), go to that place and double click the word you want to begin on.

This program has two display modes: the normal display mode and a full- screen mode. I prefer the fullscreen mode because it blocks out anything that might be distracting on the screen and helps prevent a "burned retina" after-effect from appearing.

There is also a "Chunk Mode" and a "Uniform Mode", both of which disregard punctuation. The Chunk Mode allows you to display multiple words (or "chunks") at a time. You can increase/decrease chunk size with the right/left arrow keys.


Encode::Unicode (Not sure if this is seprate from the Encode module)
Clipboard (In Linux, this module requires 'xclip', which can be found here.)
These can be downloaded from http://www.perl.com/CPAN.
[Also, in order to read pdf files, you need to make sure 'pdftotext' is already included on your linux distribution]

What's New in This Release:

An easy installation path for Linux users (using pp) was provided.
Problems with fullscreen mode on Linux were fixed.
A number of minor bugs corrected.
The documentation was updated.

Last updated on May 24th, 2008

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