WISH Supernotepad 2011

WISH Supernotepad is a fairly simple, moderately powerful text and HTML editor.

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David McClamrock
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WISH SupernotepadWISH SupernotepadWISH Supernotepad
WISH Supernotepad is a fairly simple, moderately powerful text and HTML editor with a stripped-down, "Notepad-like" menu interface and mini-toolbar. WISH Supernotepad software is designed to be totally accessible to the ordinary computer user, while incorporating some features not often found in simple programs written for ordinary users. WISH Supernotepad 2006 requires Tcl and Tk 8.4 or greater. (With Tk 8.5, the scrollbar sliders no longer get stretched and squashed as they move.)

In addition to standard text and HTML editing functions (including file insertion, quick list and table creation in HTML, and more), WISH Supernotepad can perform the following functions, among others:

Here are some key features of "WISH Supernotepad":

"Supercut, Supercopy, Superpaste": selection, retention, and insertion of multiple text blocks
Quick search through large numbers of previously invoked filenames and previously selected text blocks
Choice of simple or "expert" (regular-expression) search methods; individual or global search and replace of single or multiple expressions
Single-click insertion of special characters (e.g., ) in text and HTML
Color selection and insertion of hexadecimal color codes into text or HTML
Tcl/Tk program code creation (with automatic indentation), editing, and instant test-running
Unlimited undo and redo
Printing with word wrap and specified margin width (on Unix-type systems only)
Conversion of plain text to simple HTML
Importing and exporting of Palm Doc files for handheld devices running Palm OS
Line number identification and word count
Display of "Save?" indicator on title bar when unsaved text exists

To install WISH Supernotepad, you can use the "superinstall.tcl" script that is included in the program archive. After opening the archive (by running "tar -zxvf" on the archive from the command line, if you don't have a better way), just change directory (cd) to the subdirectory containing the WISH Supernotepad files and run "./superinstall.tcl" (without the quotes) from the command line. There's also a "superuninstall.tcl" script that you can run if you decide WISH Supernotepad is useless, but I hope you'll send me suggestions for improvement instead.

To run the program from the Linux/Unix command line, enter "supernotepad &" (without the quotes) to open it blank, or "supernotepad &" to open it with a file already displayed. It's been reported to work on Windows too, except for the printing and Palm Doc conversion.

Last updated on March 14th, 2011

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