Txt2pdf PRO 9.3

Txt2pdf PRO 9.x is a very important release in the evolution of txt2pdf 8.x PRO and is the PRO version of txt2pdf 9.x.

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Txt2pdf PRO
Txt2pdf PRO 9.x is a very important release in the evolution of txt2pdf 8.x PRO and is the PRO version of txt2pdf 9.x. We distribute txt2pdf PRO only in executable binaries, but under special circumstances, source code can be provided.

This binary-only outlook makes it easier to install, and simpler to use. You don't need Perl, nor any of the Perl modules or libraries. There are also new exciting features in the PRO version that are not available in the regular version.

Your old textual reports will become very pleasing graphical PDF reports. Your applications can simply harness and integrate the power of txt2pdf PRO.

Here are some key features of "Txt2pdf PRO":

performance (very important to speed up the conversion of big files): medium: doesn't convert word like http://, ftp:, mailto:, ... to links (Reader 7.x adds this feature also if not inside the pdf code) high: ignores fontmark and color settings
the possibility to create compressed PDFs and to set the compression factor. txt2pdf PRO will compress also EPD and embedded true type fonts.
optimize: to make an optimize pdf code new
Form Feed (^L) support
-skip1ff option to skip the first form feed
the possibility to set the top and left margins
Using inside the text, at the begin of a new page (e.g. after the form feed) the marker #!landscape# you can force the single page to become landscape.
ftp support: the possibility to put the created PDF in the specified ftp site. It's possible to specify user, password and the final directory.
inside layers (background and foreground) you can use the same txt2pdf features plus #!image#;;;;;;;;#!/image# to add RGB jpeg images #!link#;;;;#!/link# to add links
embedded true type font support (see the linedraw and barcode example)
outline feature to set in outline.txt the rules for bookmarks new
You can use colours, fonts, links, etc with your personal or standard tags
begin1 to change the background of the first page and bgdesignlast to change the background of the last page
the possibility to set the position (x,y) of the annotation icon in the first page.
possibity to ask an executable with outside the libraries (to support multitasking).

What's New in This Release:

The temporary files were not deleted on AIX and HPUX.
A bug in Czech, Polish, and Thai fonts on Unix with the Perl txt2pdf version has been fixed.

Last updated on February 6th, 2007

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