nwpedit 0.5

nwpedit is a small tool to cache, edit and send back files from remote shell accounts on the local system.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Nils Weller
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nwpedit is a small tool to cache, edit and send back files from remote shell accounts on the local system.

People who work a lot on Telnet/SSH shell accounts are often faced with considerable difficulties if they attempt to do edit text files on their accounts.

The machines they are working on may be located on remote sites and are connected to the user through the internet. This may result in bad terminal response times if either side has a slow network connection - either because it doesn't have much potential in the first place (think 56k and less modems), or because most of the bandwidth is already occupied by other services. Slow terminal responses obviously hinder text editing because the user cannot immediately spot spelling mistakes anymore. The user either has to type very slowly, always keeping up with the speed at which characters are echoed back on the screen, or he has to ignore the possbility of typos, type as usual, and go back to correct mistakes later. Depending on the speed of the connection, going back may be another considerable waste of time. It is also psychologically very annoying having to wait a long time for the typed text to appear on the screen.

nwpedit consists of a client and a server application to automate the work of downloading those files, loading them into your favorite editor, and sending back your changes, if any. nwpedit can transfer either complete files or patches, it supports IPv4 and 6, has a cache for directory listings and files that can be used in write-through (always commit changes) or write-back mode (only commit changes when asked to), and it is not tied to any particular text editor application (you can have it launch any program you want.)

Last updated on October 25th, 2007

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