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Yet Another Text Editor




Yate is a fast programmer-oriented text editor with a GUI as useful as Mac's TextMate.

Yate is (or aims to be) a fast text editor with a nice GUI that does just about anything TextMate, SublimeText 2 and other famous text editors do, only completely free and OpenSource (it's released under the MIT License).

Is currently under a pre-alpha stage and not ready for everyday use. Bug reports and feature requests are of course welcome (Yate's on GitHub).


Why? why!? another text editor? Because let's face it, they're never too many.

All jokes aside, this is a text editor that aims to be what I've been needing for a while, an alternative fast text editor for Linux users which is faster than an IDE but as comfortable to use and with all the great features we see and miss of other text editors on other platforms.


Yate is based on wxPython and the great Scintilla.

If some day along the road those two prove to be missing features Yate needs to move forward and continue being fast and full-featured, I'll happily migrate it all to another and better alternative. I just didn't felt like writing a lexer just for syntax highlighting.

Getting Started

Yate comes as a Python Egg so is easy to install on any Linux distribution.

 install the dependencies (wxPython):

 sudo apt-get install python-wxgtk2.8

 get the egg from PyPi:

 sudo easy_install yate

 open a project or file using yate from the command line (there is currently no other way):

 yate my/projects/path

 enjoy :-)
Last updated on January 27th, 2012

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