gladecompletion 1.0

gladecompletion is a Vim plugin that offers IDE-like completion for projects using the Glade UI designer.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.0/5 12
Erik Falor
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ Vim Plugins
gladecompletion is a Vim plugin that offers IDE-like completion for projects using the Glade UI designer. It provides an Insert mode completion function which completes names from a .glade file as produced by the Glade UI designer.

The plugin defines a function which scans .glade files in current buffer's current directory. The function adds Gtk objects and event handlers to the insert mode completion menu.

The menu is invoked by pressing < C-x >< C-u > in insert mode. Read all about it at |i_CTRL-X_CTRL-U|.

Each time the completion function is invoked, it looks at the .glade files in the current directory and compares the filesystem's modification timestamp with the timestamp value from the previous invocation. Thus, if you add/change a widget in Glade and save the file, those changes are reflected immediately in Vim.

About Vim:

Vim is a text editor first released by Bram Moolenaar in 1991 for the Amiga computer. Vim was created as an extended version of the vi editor, with many additional features designed to be helpful in editing program source code; its full name is Vi IMproved.

While Vim is cross-platform, it is most popular on Unix-like operating systems.

Released under a software license compatible with the GNU General Public License, Vim is free and open source software. The program's license includes some charityware clauses.

Like vi, Vim's interface is based not on menus or icons but on commands given in a text user interface; its GUI mode, gVim, adds menus and toolbars for commonly used commands but the full functionality is still expressed through its command line mode.

For many users learning Vim may be difficult and slow initially, but once the basics are understood they progress quickly and editing becomes more efficient. To facilitate this, Vim has a built-in tutorial for beginners. There is also the Vim Users' Manual that details the basic and more advanced Vim features. This manual can be read from within Vim, or found online.

Vim also has a built-in help facility (using the :help command) that allows users to query and navigate through commands and features.




To turn it on for all files, all the time, put it in your $HOME/.vim/plugins directory. If you don't use Glade project files for all of your projects and don't want this plugin to take up precious memory, put it in your $HOME/.vim/macros directory, and add this command to any of your ftplugins which you do use with Glade:

:runtime macros/gladecompletion.vim

Last updated on June 24th, 2008

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