Git Branch Info 0.0.7

Git Branch Info is a Vim plugin for use on your status line to show info about Git branches.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.8/5 17
Eustaquio Rangel de Oliveira Jr.
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ Vim Plugins
Git Branch Info is a Vim plugin for use on your status line to show info about Git branches.

This plugin show branches information on the status line.

To install, just put this file on ~/.vim/plugins and set your status line:

:set statusline=%{GitBranchInfoString}

Of course you can append this configuration to an existing one and make all the customization you want on the status line, like:

:set statusline=%#ErrorMsg#%{GitBranchInfoString}%#StatusLine#

The command above will show the Git branches info on the same color as the error messages. You can choose any color scheme you want to. Use

:help highlight-groups

to check for some other options.

There are some customization on the result string based on existing variables like:

let g:git_branch_status_head_current=1
This will show just the current head branch name

let g:git_branch_status_text="text"
This will show 'text' before the branches. If not set ' Git ' (with a trailing
left space) will be displayed.

let g:git_branch_status_nogit=""
The message when there is no Git repository on the current dir

let g:git_branch_status_around=""
Characters to put around the branch strings. Need to be a pair or characters, the first will be on the beginning of the branch string and the last on the end.

let g:git_branch_status_ignore_remotes=1
Ignore the remote branches. If you don't want information about them, this can
make things works faster.

If you want to make your own customizations, you can use the GitBranchInfoTokens() function. It returns an array with the current branch as the first element and another array with the other branches as the second element, like:

:set statusline=%#ErrorMsg#% {GitBranchInfoTokens()[0]}%#StatusLine#


:set statusline=%#StatusLineNC# Git %#ErrorMsg# %{GitBranchInfoTokens()[0]} %#StatusLine#

will give you a nice custom formatted string.

This will show you the current branch only. No prefix text, no characters around it. You can also make another functions to use the returned array.



What's New in This Release:

Found a way of detecting if the file needs to be written.
If it's a normal
buffer, it is written, if not, the GitBranchInfoWriteCheck() skip it.
Useful with other scripts that use temporary buffers like VCSCommand.

Last updated on June 23rd, 2008

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