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Ulipad is a wxPython/Python powered, programmer-oriented and flexible editor. It has many features such as class browser, code auto-complete, html viewer, directory browser, wizard and many others. The most interesting and distinctive feature is the use of mixin technique which makes Ulipad an easy-to-extend programming environment. You can write your own mixins, plugins or simple scripts, and all of them can be integrated in Ulipad in a seamless way.

Why named it UliPad?

The name comes from Claudio Grondi (thank you!).

Claudio Grondi said:

As we are on the way to make NewEdit THE programmer editor I think, that
a new unique name will help here much (NewEdit is just cheap...).

I suggest to use 'UliPad'.

It has the shortcut of UnLImited.
It tells it is a plain text editor (Pad).
It tells something about the original author (LImodou).

But the most important advantage is:
 Google has no entry for 'UliPad' yet!

Wonderful! It seems many people like it.

UliPad uses Mixin and Plugin technique as its architecture. Most of its classes can be extended via mixin and plugin components, and finally become an integrity class when creating the instance. So UliPad is very dynamic. You can write the new features in new files, and hardly need to modify the existing code. And if you want to extend the existing classes, you could write mixins and plugins, and this will be bound to the target class that I call "Slot Class". This technique will make the changes centralized and easily managed.


Make a clean, powerful, flexible general editor, and even an application framework. And adding extensions should be very easy.


 * Mixin and Plugin framework
 * Unicode support
 * User defined plugin management
 * User custom window integration
 * User custom wizard function
Last updated on November 8th, 2011

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