Turbo Pad 3.0

Turbo Pad is a fast and feature rich text editor.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.9/5 15
Matt Watkins
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ Text Editors
Turbo Pad is a fast and feature rich text editor. It includes a tabbed interface, syntax highlighting, syntax folding, bookmarking, unlimited undo/redo, code templates, word completion and much more. It is written using Scintilla and wxWidgets.


· wxWidgets


cd to the directory containing the TurboPad source. The directory
name may vary depending on the version you are using.

make -f Makefile.lin clean

If you want to make a debug build, add "BUILD=debug" to the following line,
without the quotes. "BUILD=release" is the default and is not normally needed.

If you want to change the install prefix, you can add "PREFIX=/path/to/dir"
to the following line, with /path/to/dir replaced with the prefix you would
like to use. The default install prefix directory is /usr/local.

make -f Makefile.lin
make -f Makefile.lin install

If you want to uninstall TurboPad, you can use

make -f Makefile.lin uninstall

If you used a different prefix than the default, you will need to add it to the
end of the above line.

What's New in This Release:

· Turbo Pad is now built with wxWidgets 2.5.1. wxWidgets 2.4.2 should still work, but will not have some things like the new file tab features.
· Fixed a bug where using replace from the toolbar while using the find dialog would crash the program. This also occurred when using find while using the replace dialog.
· Fixed some problems with auto doc commenting.
· Files called "Untitled" should now be handled correctly.
· Fixed a bug where Send To and Open With would not work correctly with single instances.
· Added version information to the about dialog.
· Improved the go to dialog.
· Added GoTo.AutoBookmark option to Prefs.cfg; if set to true, then this option will allow the go to dialog to bookmark whatever line is specified to it.
· Added support for DocBook files.
· Dragging and dropping files onto Turbo Pad now opens the files. Please note that this only works when you drag the file to somewhere in the Turbo Pad window other than the text control, since the text control accepts dropped text.
· Added "Highlighting.Unknown" option which allows the user to specify the highlighter that should be used for unknown file types.
· Added support for changing tab positions by dragging.
· Improved command line support. You can now use long options such as --new. Also, --help and -h now show command line usage messages. Command line switches can now also be grouped, meaning you can pass "-nh" instead of "-n -h".
· The current working directory can now be changed with the "-c" command line option.
· Added fancy Opera/Mozilla style tab support. This means you can middle click on tabs to close them and middle click or double click in the tab bar to create a new tab.
· Added a right click context menu for tabs.Added SaveAs.AutoSwitchLanguage, which is set to false by default. When this is set to true, the highlighter will automatically change to match the extension of a saved file.
· Shift+Ctrl+C now copies the word currently under the cursor.
· Ctrl+K now selects the current word.
· Shift+Ctrl+K now deletes the current word.
· New, nicer looking toolbar bitmaps are now used.
· It is now possible to open multiple instances of different versions of Turbo Pad even when Prefs.AllowMultipleInstances is false.
· The file tabs can now receive focus. This means that when they are in focus you can use the arrow keys and home/end to navigate between the tabs.
· Ctrl+Tab now navigates forward through tabs, and Ctrl+Shift+Tab navigates backward.
· Changed the "Languages" directory to "Locale".
· Removed "Show" from the start of some view menu strings.
· Converted the interface to use XRC.
· Changed all instances of "wxWindows" in strings to "wxWidgets".
· On non-Mac Unix type systems, config files are stored in ~/.turbopad/
· Added missing NSIS highlighter constants and keywords.
· Updated the CSS highlighter to include some missing keywords.
· Removed Save All from the toolbar since there weren't any good Save All bitmaps to use.
· .turbopad config files may no longer be used since .turbopad is now used as a directory to store config files.

Last updated on November 21st, 2007

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