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An advanced text editor software

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SlickEdit is an advanced text editor software designed for power programmers by power programmers.

All editors are not created equal. At SlickEdit, our belief is that it's the code that really matters. We take great pride in delivering unparalleled power, speed, and flexibility to our customers. Our goal is to remove the tedious tasks involved with programming, allowing you to focus on the reason you first got into programming: the thrill of writing great code.

Here are some key features of "SlickEdit":


Use SlickEdit to write more code in less time. Spend less time waiting for results.

- Type fewer characters and make fewer errors using syntax expansion, completions, aliases, and code templates.

- You can launch SlickEdit, edit a file, and exit in less time than it takes other IDEs to finish loading.

- Context Tagging builds a database of your symbols, allowing you to quickly navigate from a symbol to its definition or references without searching.

- Use commands and key bindings to keep your hands on the keyboard for maximum productivity.


SlickEdit provides the power to work with your real-world projects.

- Create and manage large workspaces and projects.

- Edit files up to 2 GB in size.

- Utilities for diffing files, testing regular expressions, doing builds, and interacting with version control.

- Extend SlickEdit's capabilities using the Slick-C macro language.


All programmers are different. SlickEdit lets you work the way you want.

- Configure SlickEdit to match your coding style.

- Choose from 13 editor emulations.

- Code in over 40 languages on 7 platforms.

- Customize menus, toolbars, key bindings, and mouse operations.

Last updated on December 3rd, 2009

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