SETEDIT project is a friendly text editor.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.5/5 19
Salvador Eduardo Tropea
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ Text Editors
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SETEDIT project is a friendly text editor. It is a text mode application with windows, buttons, mouse support, etc. The main target of the project are programmers so the editor is mainly oriented to programming.

Here are some key features of "SETEDIT":

· DOS or any other OS that can emulate DOS in a decent way.
· GNU/Linux for i386. (The code runs for Alpha, AMD64, ARM, HPPA, Itanium (IA64), PPC and SPARC but isn't fully tested).
· Darwin, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD. May be also other BSD flavors.
· Solaris (Tested on a SPARC64 machine and also an x86 machine)

· Intuitive interface using windows and mouse. I use Turbo Vision for it.
· The state of all windows is remembered
· Configurable keyboard
· Configurable menus
· You can run external programs pressing a key or using the menu
· Projects to group files with some common criteria
· Undo
· Documentation generator
· Very fast (and yet configurable) syntax highlight for:
· 4DOS batch files
· 80x86 assembler (AT&T syntax)
· 80x86 assembler (Intel syntax)
· 8x51 assembler
· Ada
· C/C++
· Cascading Style Sheets version 2
· Clipper 5.x
· Command Line Errors File
· Environment files
· Flat assembler
· Fortran
· Internationalization files (.po)
· Java
· Java Script
· Lua
· Makefiles
· Menu files [config. file of the editor]
· Modula 2
· Netwide Assembler (NASM)
· Objetive C
· Pascal
· PDP11 assembler
· Perl
· PIC assembler (Microchip)
· PLM/51
· PMacros files [config. file of the editor]
· PostScript
· POV-ray
· Python
· Ruby
· SDG format files [config. file of the editor]
· sLisp macros [config. file of the editor]
· SPARC assembler
· The syntax highlight file itself [config. file of the editor]
· TCL/Tk
· TeX
· Texinfo
· Turbo Vision configuration files
· UNIX shell scripts
· Class browser using TAGS
· Word completion using TAGS
· Support for UNIX files for DOS and DOS files for Linux.
· Transparent support for compressed text files (gzip and bzip2 formats)
· Context sensitive help system
· Syntax help system
· Reader for .info help files with many features as bookmark, open more than one window, search, mouse, etc.
· Code pages support
· Customizable colors
· Clock
· Calculator
· Tips
· Customizable palette of colors
· Fonts
· MP3 player!

· Dialogs to configure the debug mode (local, remote and running process), the command line options for the program, gdb binary, xterm binary, messages displayed, etc.
· Breakpoints, simple ones and advanced options including conditional breakpoints, breakpoints at functions, ignore count, etc.
· Watchpoints, they are data breakpoints.
· Options to run, continue, step over, trace into, run upto return, etc.
· Options to stop and kill the program.
· Thread selection.
· Evaluate and modify data.
· Data Window and Stack to browse the memory (very complete and with its own menu).
· Data Watches, like then ones in RHIDE and also with scope.
· Data Inspectors, used to analyze complex data structures.
· Disassembler Window, including syntax highlight and allowing to modify the registers.
· Calling stack, with functionality to browse the call chain.

Last updated on November 20th, 2007

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