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TechWriter is a Python software for reading Icon Technology TechWriter documents.





TechWriter is a Python software for reading Icon Technology TechWriter documents with simple conversion tools that enable their contents to be exported to other formats.

TechWriter is a mathematical word processor for the RISC OS platform that
encourages authors to write documents in a structured style. Unlike other
word processors, in which chapters and sections are created by inserting
styled text in the appropriate places to create headings, TechWriter documents
are collections of nested objects, representing chapters, sections, figures
and other elements.

Although this structured, object-based approach is ideal for certain kinds of
documents and resembles other document creation systems, it is not easy to
convert documents stored in TechWriter's file format to file formats for use
with systems such as LaTeX and LyX. TechWriter can export documents as TeX files, but this process doesn't export all the information that some users
require, it can produce TeX markup that isn't suitable for re-use, and it
requires that the document's author is able to use TechWriter to perform the

This package aims to help those who want to convert documents written using
TechWriter to other formats, extracting their contents reliably and as
accurately as possible, by providing a package and some tools for use with the
Python_ programming language.
Last updated on May 15th, 2008
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