Scratchpad 0.3.0

Scratchpad is a spatial text editor for the GNOME desktop.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Daniel Borgmann
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ Others
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Scratchpad project is a spatial text editor for the GNOME desktop.

Scratchpad is a text and source code editor for the GNOME desktop (written with Mono), featuring a unique spatial interface. It is targeted at developers and users looking for a no-fuss editor that "just works".

Here are some key features of "Scratchpad":

· Syntax highlighting, auto indentation and other essential features as provided by the GtkSourceView library.
· A totally spatial interface. All state is persistant on a per-document basis and only one window for each document can exist at any time.
· Automatic and transparent saving will never bother you with
· "save confirmation" dialogs. What you see is what you get.
· A revisioning system allows to tag a snapshot of the document at any time, browse the available revisions and restore them.
· Integrated type-ahead search.
· Block (un-)indenting by selecting multiple lines of text.


· Gtk+2
· GtkSourceView
· GnomeVFS
· gconf
· dbus and Mono including CLI bindings for all the libraries.

What's New in This Release:

New Features:
· Complete port/rewrite to Vala, Scratchpad now runs (flys) natively!
· Tag-based replace mechanism.
· Use GUniqueApp for single instance behaviour, so startup notification
· and focus stealing should work better now.

Removed Features:
· No more GnomeVFS, waiting for GVFS!
· Revisions. Wasn't happy with them, to be reconsidered.
· Autosave and save options. Now defaults to save on focus out (saving
· your laptop batteries).
· Tools menu.

· It's practically a rewrite, so all bugs should be brand new!
· Icon sucks less.

Known Problems:
· Font changes won't take effect immediately.

Last updated on September 27th, 2006

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