QaMoose 2.1

QaMoose facilitates the access to an Arabic/English user-defined dictionary via web access using the DICT protocol.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Nadim Shaikli
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QaMoose facilitates the access to an Arabic/English user-defined dictionary via web access using the DICT protocol. Its inception was meant to establish and retain consistent content to better assist Arabeyes' translators and technical writers (the dictionary content is envisioned to come from' Wordlist project).

Here are some key features of "QaMoose":

Two modes of operation:

a. Interface to a DICT server for public queries

Term search form includes exact and substring search options

b. Interface to suggest and approve terms (local)
Ability to suggest new terms for approval
Ability to search an approved database (db) of terms
An 'admin' page to apply for a term inspector/approver position
An 'admin' page to approve/reject terms [& users]
Ability to upload/download terms to the local dictionary
Term form includes (English, Arabic & Latin - Arabic in latin chars)

All code is UTF-8 friendly (ie. terms in Arabic are stored/displayed in Arabic - browser allowing)
A virtual keyboard so as to type in UTF-8 Arabic


MySQL 3.23.26 orlater
Perl 5.6.1 or later

Basic Instructions:

Download the package to you local machine

- Inspect and modify file with YOUR info (username/password/domain, etc)
- Insure $embed's value is 0 (unless you're embedding this code into your site and would like to extend the look-n-feel of the package

NOTE: setting this to 1 will require some customization work on your end as well on dict_main, dict_admin and dict_lib)

Insure availability of mySQL on your local machine - if a different database is used, make appropriate modification in

Run `'

Invoke (click-on) dict_admin.cgi within your browser

Login by entering your Super admin email and password

Click on 'Account:Password' to change Super admin's password

NOTE: Once Password is changed the entry in is irrelevant.
NOTE: All passwords are stored in the mySQL db in encrypted form.

Logout and now the package is ready for usage

Invoke (click-on) dict_main.cgi within your browser - MAIN start point

In order to access the DICT abilities, either start one on your machine or point to an available server on the 'net.

Last updated on February 7th, 2008

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