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OpenBerg Reader is an open-standards-based, multi-platform eBook reader.




OpenBerg Reader is an open-standards-based, multi-platform eBook reader.

The objective of the OpenBerg project is to design and implement open-source tools for the creation, edition and usage of open-standard eBooks.

We are currently developing the OpenBerg reader, an advanced eBook reader based on Mozilla technologies. This reader will allow, among other features, rich eBook contents, semantical find facilities and reader annotations, in a multi-language environment.

This program is developed Linux and Windows, using cross-platform technologies available for Linux, Windows, MacOS X, OpenBSD, FreeBSD... If you wish to contribute or donate, do not hesitate to contact us. We need developers and beta-testers on all these platforms, as well as package, website and documentation maintainers. Soon, hopefully, we will also need help with translation. Last but not least, we need help to spread the word.

What's New in This Release:

This release is the first in a new generation of OpenBerg Reader / Lector.
It enriches Firefox with the ability to read several formats of e-Books, while using all the usual features of Firefox, including printing, bookmarking, following hyperlinks, zooming in or out, copying or exporting parts of the book, etc.
With the right (existing) Firefox extensions, you can even take yellow-sticker-notes on e-Books, add and share comments on chapters, have your book read out to you, etc.
Last updated on June 28th, 2007
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