Lexxia 1.2.8b

Lexxia software is a multipurpose XML tool.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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John Redmond
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Lexxia software is a multipurpose XML tool. It is built on the Limpid Open-Source C++ library.

Lexxia is a powerful tool for batch transformation of XML files, conversion between XML and other file formats: HTML, CSV, RJ (Eric Raymond's record jar format) and SXF (a new simplified XML format to simplify authoring). It also features stream editing and transformation of really huge files because it is not necessary to construct a full source or result document during transformation, and provides a tool for extraction of structured content from suitable HTML files (to improve the performance of search engines).

Lexxia now provides a simplified path to creating LaTeX and PDF files: it automatically generates a stylesheet for a particular XML data file, and uses it to transform the file. The result is a LaTeX file that can be converted to postscript and PDF files using standard (free) tools. The system is based on the Limpid XML/XPath/XSLT C++ library and is small and very fast. It was developed in Linux and has been ported to Windows.

Here are some key features of "Lexxia":

· Stylesheet Transformation;
· Interconversion between XML and other file formats: DTD, CSV, Eric Raymond's Record Jar format, and SXF format (simplified format for editing XML files);
· Stream editing of files;
· Batch processing, stream editing and multiple transformations on the same source file;
· Stepped processing, which permits transformation or stream editing on truly huge files;
· Recovery of structured content from HTML files;
· Validation and Reporting of DOM Statistics;
· Joining (merging) of multiple XML files.
· Verbose operating mode.
· Lexxia is released under the GNU General Public License;
· It is available for free download for both Linux and Windows;
· It was developed in C++, which means high speed and responsiveness.
· It was developed on Linux (using KDevelop) and ported to Windows using the Digital Mars compiler.

Advantages of using the Limpid Library:

· Working with efficient C++ code without struggling with the management of pointers.
· Absence of memory leaks.
· High and reproducible real-time performance without the intrusion of garbage collection.
· Programming interfaces that are standard and not subject to frequent change.
· Library code that is both portable and highly adaptable.
· Supporting classes make your own work more productive.

Last updated on December 28th, 2007

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