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Komment is a ruby app for KDE (so, it’s using Korundum).

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ Others
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Komment is a ruby app for KDE (so, it’s using Korundum). Komment allows the user to comment books or magazine-articles with which they have to work.

For example if you are writing a elaboration over a specific subject you gonna read lots and lots of books but you can’t remember exactly everything you read in one of them or your thoughts while reading them. So, with Komment you can simply write your thoughts down.

Ok, ok, for that a normal Office-Application would do it also, but the great advantage of Komment over those is, that it is designed with the focus on this purpose, to make that easier: You don’t have to bother over the style and if you are in the right position of the list.

You simply write a comment, linking it to a chapter, paragraph or what else of the book and tagging it. You’ve done that you can browse through all what you have ever written to that section of the book or through all of your comments tagged with the same subject.

What's New in This Release:

fixed a bug in the raw-import of sections
fixed a bug at editing tags
fixed a bug at saving tag-structure from inside the startup-gui
fixed an issue in saving tag-hierarchy
fixed a bug with expanding XML-own chars
added a missing 'end' that caused ruby to brake at the startup
fixed for the bug that you cannot create new publications

extracted HTML-Code from inside ruby-code to be able to customize it in a easy way
made search case-insensitive
made the raw-property of publications invisible outside publication-class
centralized the tag-hierarchy. It's now independent from the publications
changed the undo/redo-system so it doesn't bother (atm) about changes on the tag-hierarchy
gave the two buttons (save and revert) in the edit->tag page of the startup-gui some function. but yet: USE WITH CARE

Last updated on January 5th, 2007

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