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Gedit Symbol Browser Plugin is a Ctags-based symbol browser plugin for Gedit, the GNOME text editor.




Gedit Symbol Browser Plugin is a Ctags-based symbol browser plugin for Gedit, the GNOME text editor.

Gedit Symbol Browser Plugin is a plugin for Gedit based on Exuberant Ctags which parses source code and displays functions, classes, variables, and other symbols in a tree in the left pane. Double clicking the symbols jumps to that function in the source file.

Here are some key features of "Gedit Symbol Browser Plugin":

· Supports 34 programming languages (based on ctags)
· Symbols displayed in a tree grouped by symbol type
· Icons for symbols can be added for any symbol type ctags can parse
· Works with local and remote files (SSH, FTP, etc.)
· View symbols from active tab or from all opened documents
· Optionally show line number, programming language, and source file in the tree
· Double-click a symbol to jump to it in the source code


· GTK+ version 2.10.x
· Exuberant Ctags
· Gedit

Binary Installation

cp gedit-symbol-browser-plugin*.tar.gz ~/.gnome2/gedit/
tar -xzf gedit-symbol-browser-plugin*.tar.gz

Source Installation

If a binary package isn’t available, you have to compile the plugin yourself. If you do so, please email the plugin files to me so that I can provide a binary package.

Download and extract the gedit sources to a folder. Download Gedit Symbol Browser Plugin sources and extract to the gedit sources plugins folder (ex: gedit-2.20.3/plugins/).

Edit, adding 2 lines to AC_CONFIG_FILES


Edit plugins/, adding to ’symbolbrowser’ to DIST_SUBDIRS and SUBDIRS.

Run autoconf and automake in the gedit source dir and then make in the symbolbrowser plugin dir:

cd plugins/symbolbrowser

Copy plugin files:

cp symbolbrowser.gedit-plugin .libs/ ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/
cp -r symbols ~/.gnome2/gedit/
Last updated on November 15th, 2007
Gedit Symbol Browser Plugin

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