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Can be used in the Gnome editor (GEdit) to support you in editing LaTeX documents.






Gedit LaTeX Plugin project can be used in the Gnome editor (GEdit) to support you in editing LaTeetime,INTERV

Propably the most valuable feature is the code completion for LaTeX source. If you type a prefix like beg it shows you all matching commands and the structure and meaning of their arguments, like e.g. begin{Environment}. If possible it shows options for the argument the cursor is in. So if you type begin{ you get a list of all environments you could begin.

Some commands or options may require additional packages to be included. This is indicated and the according usepackage statement is inserted if you select that command or option.
Some proposals are dynamic. That means that e.g. all .tex files in the working directory are proposed as arguments of the include command.


There are several assistents for frequent tasks like
creating the body of a new LaTeX file

· inserting a graphics
· inserting a table or a matrix

BibTeX Integration

BibTeX files included per bibliography are parsed and their entries are proposed at the cite command.
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Gedit LaTeX Plugin

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