Eleanor 1.0.0

Eleanor is a Ruby script and accompanying library for typesetting speculative screenplays.
Eleanor is a Ruby script and accompanying library for typesetting speculative screenplays. It parses plain text written in a simple format and outputs pretty PDF that conforms to standard rules of screenplay layout. Eleanor's primary goal is to create PDF that is indistinguishable from PDF produced by professional screenwriting software such as Final Draft.

Here are some key features of "Eleanor":

Spec scripts.
Follows standard rules of screenplay formatting. But if you disagree, you can modify those rules.
Proper pagination. Correctly breaks paragraphs across pages. Paragraphs are broken between sentences, not in mid-sentence. Orphan and widow sentence constraints are respected, and orphan and widow line constraints can even be set. Keep-with-next constraints are respected. Dialog is correctly broken and continued.
Precise configuration. Constraints such as margins, keep-with-nexts, and orphan and widow limits can be set on a dynamic and class-by-class basis for each class of paragraph. Screenplay-wide options like font, line height, character spacing, and page size and margins can also be customized.
Easy configuration. Options are stored in YAML format in their own file.
Extension. By default Eleanor outputs to PDF using libHaru, but you can write a backend to target anything else, like PDF::Writer, XML, XSL-FO, Postscript, RTF, the screen, a socket, whatever. Or if you don't like Eleanor's plain text screenplay format, you can write your own parser.
Can be used as a command-line app or as part of a larger Ruby program.
Multiple title pages.
Text underlining. Emphasis in screenplays is shown by underlining, which you can do by surrounding text in underscores.


Example Usage

From the Command Line

eleanor oscarwinner.txt
eleanor -o turnsoutitsucks.pdf oscarwinner.txt
eleanor -c config.yaml -o turnsoutitsucks.pdf oscarwinner.txt

From Ruby

screenplay= Eleanor.parse('oscarwinner.txt')
if screenplay
abort 'parsing failed'


libHaru 2.1.0

last updated on:
July 12th, 2008, 19:10 GMT
developed by:
Chiisai Tsu
license type:
MIT/X Consortium License 
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