AutoScrollMode 1.0

AutoScrollMode is a Vim plugin that autoscrolls text for you.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.8/5 19
Paul B. Mahol
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ Others
AutoScrollMode is a Vim plugin that autoscrolls text for you. Sometimes you just read text inside vim. You spend hours in Normal mode, not doing nothing, just scrolling text and pressing hjkl keys all the time. In such situations this script becomes very useful.

To enter Auto Scroll Mode, install this script first, and than activate it by pressing the < F12 > key from Normal mode (Pause on keyboard). To start scrolling text type 'l', for more info read next section.


Commands used in Auto Scroll Mode to change how Vim will scroll text:

0-9 : change type of movement to:

"1" : character, default
"2" : word
"3" : WORD
"4" : line
"5" : half page
"6" : full page
"7" : full screen
"8" : sentence
"9" : paragraph see 'paragraphs'
"0" : section see 'sections'

Commands used to change how much time will Vim sleep until the cursor is moved, by default Vim will sleep forever: (Note: period can be negative, in that case period is changed to positive but direction is switched i.e. up becomes down.)

"h" : decrease sleep period for 1 millisecond

"l" : increase sleep period for 1 millisecond

"k" : divides sleep period for 2

"j" : multiplies sleep period for 2

"`" : set sleep period to zero, default

other useful commands:

"r" : clean and redraw screen

< Space > : toggle pause, text stop scrolling
< Enter > : toggle backward/forward movement

< Esc > : exit AutoScrollMode, enters Normal Vim mode
CTRL-C : immediately exit in Normal Vim mode




Just source file once you opened it inside vim, or put it in Vim plugins directory.

Last updated on April 21st, 2008

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