urwcyr-tex package contains a set of TeX bindings for URW Cyrillic fonts.

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LPPL (The Latex Project Public License) 
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Dmitry S. Kulyabov
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ Markup
urwcyr-tex package contains a set of TeX bindings for URW Cyrillic fonts.

Please note that this package doesn't contain the fonts themselves !
Download them first. (Primary ftp for those fonts is ftp://ftp.gnome.ru/fonts/urw/release)

Please note that at the moment it's rather a receipt of how to install the cyrillized URW fonts to work with TeX than a package that would do all the work in just one click.

The receipt:

Unpack the package urwcyr01b.zip to a temporary directory. Put to the directory the fonts (.afm, .pfb) from URW collection. Run the Perl scripts urwren.pl and urwtfm.pl. (They are very primitive and can be easily transformed to any shell program, if you do not have Perl.) The script urwren.pl renames URW fonts (.afm and .pfb) into TeX convention (a010015l -> uagd8a, and so on), the script urwtfm.pl produces .tfm files from .afm.

Move the directories doc, dvips, dvipdfm, fonts, tex to your TeX directory.

Add the line
f urwpdf.map
to the file /dvipdfm/config/config in your TeX directory.

Either add contents of urwcyr.map to psfonts.map in /dvips/config or add the line urwcyr.map to the extra_module section of updmap script and run it.

Do not forget to make TeX learn the new files (if you use MikTeX, then run /miktex/config/config.bat).

An example of urwcyr.sty usage can be found in doc/urwcyr/demo.tex.

The files were tested with MikTeX 2.0 and URW fonts v.1.0.7pre8.

My sincere thanks to Valek Filippov for such a valuable work !

What's New in This Release:

Font names were fixed.

Last updated on January 10th, 2008

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