jGnash2QIF 1.6.0

jGnash2QIF is an application that converts a jGnash XML file into a QIF file.
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jGnash2QIF is an application that converts a jGnash XML file into a QIF file.

Main features:

  • Testing environment:
  • GnuCash 2.2.4 QIF importer
  • with jGnash 1.11.7's QIF importer (which is, btw, pretty broken)
  • using files with up to 1200 entries
  • Reminders and Liability, Equity, Investmet, MutualFund, Credit and Asset accounts are untested since i don't a) use them, b) know how to use them correctly and c) have any files to test them
  • Input restrictions:
  • Tested with jGnash's XML fileversion 1.0
  • Has some support for broken/partial jGnash XML files
  • Output restrictions:
  • transfers between categories (in jGnash, these are Income and Expense accounts) are done through an invented account ("New item #")
  • accounts and categories contained in other accounts/categories of a different type are reassigned to the main category/account of their type
  • QIF does not:
  • bother about different currencies (it supposes the same currency is always used)
  • store the date when the transactions are editted (actTransDate)
  • support locking categories
  • support hidding categories
  • store account code numbers
  • store additional notes about categories
  • double check category transactions ("size" attribute, which stores the amount of transactions in that category)
  • support adittional categories settings (placeHolder, status)
  • support storing account in categories and viceversa, and storing categories inside other different-typed categories
  • jGnash, based on its QIF import code, does not:
  • use classes (AFAICS, they are simply categories)
  • use security
  • use prices
  • use AutoSwitch
  • use some additional account information such as credit limit
  • import memorizer transactions, thought they can be exported from the jGnash reminders
  • have a memorizers support as good in scheduling as QIF
  • consider adresses
  • consider transaction's U parameter (higher amount)
  • consider categories if not all their parent categories are declared
  • distinguish transaction types, they are all simply "transactions" (instead of distinguishing between Investment, Transaction, Memorizer Bank, Cash, ...)
  • Some QIF reminders:
  • jGnash's XML files are encoded in UTF-8, while QIF files are usually encoded in ANSI
  • all transactions must be stored within the scope of an account
  • the first transaction within a scope must be preceded by a transaction type (Bank, Bill, Cash, ...) (same type as the containing account)
  • when a transaction is a transaction to an account (either to itself or another), the category in the 'L' parameter must be in squared brackets
  • allthough jGnash ignores the U parameter, we should store it, as a copy of the T parameter

last updated on:
October 13th, 2008, 11:51 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Jacobo Vilella Vilahur
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ Markup
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What's New in This Release:
  • Support for splitting files.
  • Support for 5 new fincancial applications.
  • Easy date format configuration.
  • A new parameter that will set up all the configuration options for one of the following applications: GnuCash, jGnash, Ascendo Money, Spb Fincance, Quicken, MS Money, and Jabp.
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