docbook2X 0.8.8

docbook2X is a software package that converts DocBook documents into the traditional Unix man page.

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Steve Cheng
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docbook2X is a software package that converts DocBook documents into the GNU Texinfo format and the traditional Unix man page format.

Notable features include table support for man pages, internationalization support, and easy customization of the output using XSLT. (Easy, because unlike other converters, the docbook2X stylesheets are written in a modular way, and the character escaping and whitespace issues with the man-page and Texinfo formats are encapsulated away from the user.)

What's New in This Release:

Errors in the Man-XML and Texi-XML DTD were fixed. These DTDs are now used to validate the output coming out of the stylesheets, as part of automated testing. (Validation provides some assurance that the result of the conversions are correct.)
Several rendering errors were fixed after they had been discovered through automated testing.
Two HTML files in the docbook2X documentation were accidentally omitted in the last release. They have been added.
The pure-XSLT-based man-page conversion now supports table markup. The implemented was copied from the one by Michael Smith in the DocBook XSL stylesheets. Many thanks!
As requested by Daniel Leidert, the man-pages stylesheets now support the segmentedlist, segtitle and seg DocBook elements.
As suggested by Matthias Kievermagel, docbook2X now supports the code element.

Last updated on March 4th, 2007

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