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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Brian McKee
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booxml2csv - Usage message
booxml2csv is a simple project to help convert data from book library collections exported in XML to helpful formats.

Inital focus is on converting files from Deep Prose's Booxter program to CSV appropriate for

Constructive criticism always welcome.

Currently the program is built to work with XML files exported from Deep Prose's Booxter program (versions 1.x or 2.x).

Thus, you need access to a Mac with that software installed, and your book library loaded up in it.

Other XML file formats could be supported in the future, feel free to suggest some.

This program simply converts XML to CSV, with a few options added to make the CSV come out in the right order and format.

It makes assumptions about what's in that XML file, so if you want to work with an XML file NOT generated by Booxter it won't work.

Let me know though, as it could likely be made to work fairly easily!

Open Booxter with your book library loaded and Choose File -> Export. On the Export menu choose 'XML' That will grey out all the options about which fields etc.

Just hit 'Save' and give it a file name - any name you like.

Now download this software and place it on any computer with Python version 2.5 or better. For example Ubuntu 9.04 or Mac OSX 10.5

Start a terminal program, and navigate to the folder you downloaded the program to, e.g. 'cd ~/Downloads'. Put your XML file in the same folder to make it easy.

Running the program with the --help option will give you a complete list of options.

To convert your XML file to format, type 'python -g -v yourXMLfile.xml'. Unless you specified a different file name on output, it will create 'books.csv' in the same folder as the program.

The books.csv file can be directly imported into at their import page ->

To see sample input and output before unleashing this code on your own files - look in included samples folder.

Last updated on April 2nd, 2010


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