ZEmacs 6.0.3

ZEmacs package contains lisp extensions for GNU Emacs with the goal to obtain a more user friendly and powerful interface.

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BSD License 
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Marco Zunino
ROOT \ Text Editing&Processing \ Markup
ZEmacs package contains lisp extensions, largely original, for GNU Emacs with the goal to obtain a more user friendly and powerful interface. The new features include contextual tool bars, new TeX interface and much more.


The Z!MACS project born several years ago, as part of my duties as a postdoc at the department of Mathematics of the University of Strasbourg. The original idea was to provide a more user friendly yet powerful interface to GNU Emacs for local math-ematicians. While usable, the result was still not easily portable on different systems. In several occasions I returned on the software drastically changing and improving it. The first public release, version 3.0, has been tested on Mac OS X (with native window
system) and other Unix systems, including Linux, for a relatively long time. Version 4.0 is a major upgrade and removes many bugs. A twin project,the ZX!MACS project, is available for XEmacs users.

A Short Description of the Project

The project integrates some non-standard LISP packages with several new pack-ages specifically developed. In a few case some modified versions of preexisting pack-ages are used. The final interface is closer to that of other editors on Mac OS X and Windows, but more powerful. Many new features have been added. Among those obtained via pre-existing packages: undo/redo mechanism (also removing some incompatibilities of GNU Emacs with the R!DO package), Mac/PC-like cut/copy/paste system, and recent files menu (enhanced with new features). Among the original contributions: contextual tool bars, including a special tool bar for search/replace operations, improved search/replace macros, new backup mechanism, better integration between Emacs and Aspell, new menus and much more.

New interface for TEX users

The bundle provides a new interface for TEX users based on AuCT!X. Historically the plan was just to slightly enhance AuCT!X. However the final result now shares only the core routines with the original package, while the look and feel is radically different. The system is vastly configurable by modifying the variables of the AuCT!X group (via menu). The new user is encouraged to have a look at the possible configurations. Local variables added at the end of a file are automatically updated when the file is saved. This is incidentally the best way to configure your preview application if you work in landscape mode. A new menu with a list of documentation for TEX is added. Typesetting is made easier by a modified version of the CDLAT!X package. In particular parentheses are created in couples and you can jump to the matching closed parenthesis via the TAB key. Inverse research in both sides is provided, for DVI files, via Stefan Ulrich's XDVI-S!ARCH package.

Last updated on May 3rd, 2008

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